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ULTI commercializes innovative products and solutions to build a healthier environment. The products commercialized by ULTI are the result of many years of research and development. Because these products furnish your daily life, our designers made them elegant and minimalist so that they can easily blend into your everyday life.

ULTI products are recognized for their reliability and unique design; which distinguishes them and makes the brand successful. 
ULTI products are sold in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Who are we ?

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Our values

Ulti innovation


Ulti technologie


Ulti équipe de recherche active

Active research team


Want to know more ?

ULTI is one of the trademarks of KPMC Biotech, a fast-growing technology company that focuses on innovative solutions to ensure a healthy environment.

The company was created in 2020 by former senior executives. It has acquired a North American tech company that holds strategic proprietary technologies. KPMC Biotech invests mainly in research to pursue the development of new technologies and products.

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